You and I deserve the very best…

Yesterday, was cleaning day in the studio which is a good way of rediscover all the material i left apart but mostly it clears my head. New ideas, new projects a “nouvel élan” in the beginning of the year comes up. I was rearranging some old photos and surprise myself thinking ” I was cute in my twenties and thirties” How come i didn’t realize that at the time!

I felt too fat too short too….not intelligent not clever enough bla bla bla….Is it something that we have to experienced? All of us? because I see it in a daily basis, beautiful and clever young women disliking themselves, hating either their nose their chin whatever crosses their mind! My point is that with aging we all have our griefs and wounds but could we have avoided some rough experiences, had we loved ourselves? I deeply believe that in the years to come a new awareness on the importance of the mind will prevail. I read this amazing book by Lynne Mc Taggart called The Field” she has been researching medicine and its shortcomings, quantum physics and what it means for you and the world we live in(quote from his website Read it and tell me about it!
So in the end LOVE is what matters the most and now scientists can prove it, for those who still have doubts!
Can you look yourself in a mirror for at least 5 mn without self depreciation? 
Have a good week

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