Keep loving yourself…

An artist friend suggested me that I should give another dimension to my craft so it could become art. She’s a talented and gifted artist and sees me like a crafter. It left me unbalanced… as I am  an admirer of her work then I replied that what really excites and fulfill  me is creating my life albums. She was suggesting that i should add them into huge canvas and kept saying it would give them a dimension….Why does one give any advice that is not asked? What is the hidden purpose?  Why humans tend to compare over and over? I am that lucky that in my world of crafters i don’t sense “bad vibes” only encoragements and positive attitudes.I sense that she lives in a world of fierce competition which is definitely not mine and thanks God i know myself well enough not to be blocked in the future trying to give …a dimension of my work but one has to be aware as Julia Cameron point out in her extraordinary book “the vein of gold, a journey to your creative heart”of the well intended so called advices!
I have a duty to protect my inner child he needs caring, support and most of all LOVE
Have a good week end
Be wild

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