Wondering….will you be there

I am completely addict to photoshop…love it! There are so many things one can do so i have been playing hope you like it… On my way to Paris i have seen again this extraordinary french film “les petits mouchoirs”de Guillaume Canet and again i was deeply touched. French movie makers from Claude Sautet to Truffaut have this special way  in transcending our ordinary lives and make it something unique and worthwhile. Do you remember “les choses de la vie” with Romy Schneider and Yves Montand? This new film from Guillaume Canet is the portrait of a couple of childhood friends  who despite one of their best friends being in the hospital still go on vacations… After all he is in coma what difference could it make so they all decide that’s there’s no point in being present just standing next to him  and off they go 
to the bassin d’arcachon(beautiful surf spot). Every character lying to the the others, their egotism coming out, concentrating on their own problems… A superb movie,one that makes you wonder “am i like that driven only by me?”  Do i give enough?  
I do remember when my husband was in the hospital i couldn ‘t get out of him and even managed to sleep there, being with him touching him speaking to him reconforting him every single day.
I do remember in another context being told that i was unlucky to have my birthday in the 4th of august with the summer holidays going on, not that practical to come to my fortiest birthday party….maybe i could postpone it! We all have this private jokes…that do not make us laugh at all

I am glad now that i am almost 42 not to waste time with those who are worthless. Do you? How many dinners and useless parties do you attend, with people that most certainly wouldn’t come to see you if you were in the hospital? I love this kind of movie who keep you in the good track.
As my mom usually says we are always victim of one’s education, saying no to what’s useless, preserving real friendship are today’s goal to me. I will not waste time with  toxic people and that’s a statement! Time is precious. I do hope that my friends know that they can rely on me, that i am trustful.
I am writing this post while drinking my tea at the Peninsula hotel  in Hong Kong, so cool! Love this ancient atmosphere. Time stands still! 
Have a good sunday

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