On love

 I am practicing photoshop as you can see and it’s incredible what you can do and undo with a photo. I am still barely walking but i am enjoying the ride…endless possibilities so cool! I love this young couple were they happy did they love each other or did they have to married against their will? I want to believe that they were deeply in love, ahead of their time free spirits maybe artists? Living a life of bohême somewhere in San Francisco, knowing that they were lucky to have one another….

 I was speaking with a friend who is facing major issues at the moment in her marriage. I will quote the art of happiness from the Dalai Lama “…a relationship is also a dynamic living system, composed of two organisms interacting in a living environment, it is equally natural and right that the relationship go through stages. In any relationship, there are different dimensions of closeness, physical, emotional, and intellectual. Bodily contact, sharing emotions, thoughts, and exchanging ideas are all legitimate ways of connecting with those we love. It is normal for the balance to wax and wane: sometimes physical closeness decreases but emotional closeness can increase; at other times we don’t feel like sharing words but just want to be held….p171

Now i am working on my new banner… very exciting
Have a good week
Have fun
Enjoy the ride

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