On pleasure

This album brings back excellent memories since it was started at Artfest 2009. I am rearranging all my photos, classifying and organizing and of course i can see the path that i made in these 2 years.  I remember the pleasure and desinvolture i had, so it’s time to get back in track as i like to say. At the beguining it was only for fun now as people are getting more found of my work it do not want the comercial side to take over. It’s not that easy to accomplish will I sell this album? Is it overpriced? I hear a thousand advices you should do this and that…..But in the end it’s all about pleasure and feeling whole at least it is for me and i want it to remain like that otherwise it will become more and more stressful.
The power of money and greed are fast to arrive….my ego as well!

This album was made out of love since I offered it to my husband and as his own place in our living room. My goal is achieved when people feel the truthness and the authenticity of the album they are buying for themselves or for those they care. My work is about emotion, empathy, being connected.

I do not have to hurry
I have plenty of time
Creating with love and care
Being self balanced
What are your goals?
What do you crave for?


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