What really matters?

Look what my next door neighboor hang at my door. Huge zucchini, cucumber, lavender, origan…. That’s so thoughtful and delicate of her. Definitely Lisbon is my town…apart of being the place where I was born and brought up, there’s a sense of magic in the air, a sense of belonging. I would love though to live in my wooden house, like the ones you have in the US, with nothing but the sea and create from morning till dawn. I believe that God hears our prayers unless we have a different path He just knows better. As for us if we just listen our inner voice in the middle of all the babbling of the mental we too know our path! I brought my “little big brother” in New-York and as we were walking for hours…and had just found this flea market “the garage”(112 W 25th St saturday and sunday only) just out of nothing he told me that I should focus on what really matters.

That is of course positive things and set aside the bad ones. Which I realize is not so easy for example the last flight was one of the worst I’ve made. The energy wasn’t there, the comunication was misunderstood …on the other hand one of the passengers told me I was the best hostess she had in years and write it down, but I focus mostly on the bad energy that of course led to more bad energy…Stop my mental or have him more disciplined is what I should focus on, unstead of going with the flow….Are we afraid to be HAPPY, to just relax and enjoy. Why do we need to create all this dramas?( to evolve and heal…ok I know…) 
Thank you brother.


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