Titouan Lamazou…in Sao Paulo

I just arrived from Sao Paulo which is not one of my favorites destination! But all the crew had an unexpected surprise as we met Titouan Lamazou in the lobby of our hotel and who invited us to his exposition called “zoe” after his daughter.

The museem was closed and…he made it open for us the modern art museem of Sao Paulo! I was thrilled and completed overwhelmed by his huge talent. He traveled all around the world for the last 10 years, painting only women. Check above all the names of the women…Wow!!!!
My favorite was Pansy, an aborigen artist so powerful. Have you read “message from the true man” from Marlo Morgan? best book ever 
heading tomorrow to the Big Apple…….Love it already

Enjoy create and most of all…..HAVE FUN  

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