Flea market in New York

Look what I found in New York…I brought my brother along and we must have walked…miles in a row but I had this address (thank you Kecia) “the Garage” 112 W, 25 St open only sat and sun, who is just great, and suddenly all the tiredness left!

 I know you girls prefer the one’s in Paris …but I LOVE THE US FLEA MARKETS...just the sound of it makes me happy,(the grass is always better…you know the story).

I bought beautiful stuff, the handwriting letters are awesome the clocks…
I wouldn’t mind living for a year in New York…I found this knitting café called after the book “the friday night knitting club” by  Kate Jacobs; that I recommend a very profound and touching book. 
Just receive the last Somerset Studio who is mostly about sisterhood and I thought what about we artfest girls could make a collaborative project? I’m becoming very enthusiast about the whole idea.. Let me know!

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