To remain a child

To remain a child is truly the secret of happiness. To value what we have instead of wanting always more and more. That’s basically what the journalist wrote in her article so how come it’s so difficult for most people? We are constantly submerged by advertising, trash magazines and tv a friend told me. Yes it is true but on the other hand you can turn the tv off and not reading those magazines (i know you don’t buy them….) in the hairdresser and so on… It is easier as the Dalai Lama says to live in beautiful hymalayas than downtown Paris at the rush hours (when the metro isn’t on strike of course! ) but i believe that it takes discipline to be truly happy. 

The significant change around in years to come will definitely be “how to be positive and happy” and that from kindergarden till adulthood. The schools will have workshop on happiness as they used to have about values. Crazy idea? I sense a new era, our knowledge of the brain and his impact in our day to day life is about to burst out. I believe will come to use 20% of our brains in a near future. Times are changing… well in the meantime I’m going to exercise my butt that needs it badly!
Have a beautiful day
Live like a child happy and content

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  1. Your journals and artwork are lovely! Is that resined paper in the top photo (with the deep, honey color)?
    You're so right, about staying as a child and not "wanting!" True happiness is the simplest thing – as well as the most difficult!

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