Are you Happy?

Yesterday, after a perfect day in the beach, shower taken, feeling relaxed and cool, I took this portuguese magazine “Happy” and come upon this article about Happiness. 
The question that the journalist kept asking around her while doing her research was:
Reactions where almost the same for everyone, utter embarrassment, as if it was a bad word! She was most surprised in realizing that in fact few people acknowledged being truly happy, most of them wish they had a better life, working less, a bigger house, a fashion car…. 
What whose the secret of the happy few?
What do you think?

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  1. Yes I'm happy much of the time. And that is enough, I don't need or want to be happy all the time – then it would be meaningless. the secret? I recognise that our entire culture exists to create discontent which it then claims can only be satisfied by purchasing the latest this or that, or a bigger house, keeping people locked into consumerist lifestyles which are dooming them to unhappiness. So I don't play that game. And I make sure I do plenty of things which challenge and satisfy me – mostly that's making art.

    hello by the way!

  2. How interesting. I have a very good friend, and we both agree: there is plenty of things we can be sorry about, regret, and mourn, but we refuse to enter old age with regret and longing and sorrow. So we have an agreement to help each other when the other one is sad, to live life to the fullest, and to stay the best of friends and end up in the old-peoples home celebrating life with champagne!
    I think happiness is a state of mind, something you can decide upon. If you want to be sad, you can always find something to be sad about. If you want to be happy, you can always find something to be happy about. I decide to be happy!
    Have a great day, my wise friend!

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