I am a coward

I am a coward! I should have been to the dentist long ago… I’m so scared that i postpone it every single day. I’m lucky to have a very sweet kind and pro dentist who happens to be very patient but still…..deep down I don’t trust her or any other of their colleagues. So it turns out to be very complicated! My reptilian brain is scared out of death…when I in the waiting room my body feels tense and starts to sweat at high speed. it’s uncontrolable! Now is sunday so tomorrow I have to go, as i am suffering too much. silly girl! wish me luck!
have a good and happy sunday

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  1. I will keep you in my thoughts!! You are definitely not alone in your fears!! Thank goodness for modern medicine, they have taken the pain out of most of their procedures now!! The worst part for me is the numbness for hours afterward!! Keep your chin up Girl!!! Visualize Beauty all around you and focus on something in the room as you get your exam!! Keep your eyes open and focus on anything besides the light and what the Dr. is doing…It gets me through it!!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry… I share your fear and apprehension of the dentist. I have a very nice dentist, also – she is quite patient. It is a scary, vulnerable feeling. I hope the next visit will be easier for you 🙂

  3. oh wow, i could have *WRITTEN* this, it is exactly how i feel, too! a couple of years ago i had the ENORMOUS good luck of being referred to a dentist who specializes in phobic patients and i can tell you it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE!!! i hope you can find someone who is as nice as my dentist, and in the meantime, i hope your teeth will be healthy so you won't have to go again for a LONG TIME!!! 🙂

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