Stephane’s album

I made this album for my” little big brother” for christmas and have keep it with me ever since!!! I need to show him around, along with others  altered books when presenting my work but I’ ve seen the look in his eyes last time he was with me…I will keep it a for a  while but it’s definitely yours.

I much admire my brother at 33 is very handsome(as a lot of success with girls…) doesn’t plan to settled for the moment despite my mother’s pressure! and mine! has always been very successful and passionate in his life. Knew forever that sport’s was his life and stick to it. Very protective and caring, present and supportive, he’s the best brother one could wish, I am thankful for that too.
I’ll show the inside later on if he’s ok!

Enjoy create…Have funI  

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  1. Hi Alex,
    Really Nice and original !
    I m sure you will succeed very soon
    Well done Princess..

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