Livro preferido da Adriana

It’s my friend Adriana favorite book. It was fun doing it as I use curry… mustard… it’s a very tasteful book! All the butterflies come from Bangkok (need urgently to go back there out of supplies) took some quotes from a meditation book. A very relaxing and fulfilling afternoon
Just playing around, experimenting without any goals and it turned out very cool. I don’t know for you but as I learn more and more techniques sometimes they seem to be on the way! This week was an enormous step forward for me as I didn’t try to do everything! So I manage to stay away from my studio while doing some shopping for the house… and now that I’m going to work again and will be away from home for 10 days, seems easier. Let go… day after day.
I’m not wonder woman (though I know the song by heart!!!) it’s ok to relax everything will turn out as it should in the end so why the stress.I’m flying to Beirut and am planning to sightsee if it’s possible as the center is still pretty much damaged, buy the best pistachios  then off to  Paris and at last one of my favorite towns New-york. My husband comes with me, so we will have fun, walk miles in a row, be exausted at the end of the day and wanting some more the next day
Enjoy Create…Have fun

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