10 days away from home…a suitcase will certainly be the object that defines me the most for the last 18 years! I’m an expert in packing…do I travel light? Rarely on the way back as I always seem to bring half of the town I’m visiting. I even bring branches from Houston…and had to hear all the jokes about not having trees back in Lisbon…..bla bla bla that’s part of the fun…not always though! I remember the nightmare when with my friend Franck, we decided to buy 38 plates…in a market in Bangkok I couldn’t even lift the luggage and… never use them as my husband don’t like them!!!!(/&%/&&/%:::::)
My wild dream now( among others) would be staying in my own beautiful bed every night and creating every day from 9am to 9pm an WHOLE YEAR…sleep 8h, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and….hide my luggage

Ok tomorrow I’m heading to New-york which I absolutely adore and my husband comes along. Planning to find vintage stuff, fun objects, eat donuts, day dreaming with “mon amour, mon amant”… Enjoying sharing LOVING and most of all feeling blessed.

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  1. What a wonderful time we have in N.Y city,j'ai adoré être avec toi mon amour, et je me sens perdu quand tu n'est pas avec moi, tu est ma raison de vivre…je t'aime "mon bisou"…"MOI AUSSI"

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