So good to be on holiday…

After two days in the beach, I feel that my body and my soul are recovering pretty fast. There’s nothing like a day in the sun to regain energy and I have still 15 days hourra!!! Rereading “light emerging” from Barbara Brennan and she tells us exactly that among other extraordinary things, how much the sun has a power and healing effect on us in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. 
Check at your nearest theatre “Inception” with Di Caprio and Marion Clotillard, is truly the best film i have seen in years. Dreams are the main subject of the film who evolves around the idea that though difficult if one can incept a thought associated with a strong positive feeling within our brain while we are dreaming then when we wake up our attitude, thoughts, behaviors have changed. We are a total different person. It’s a powerful movie, one that keeps you wondering what if…..Love it! The essence of the movie is “we are what we think we are” the mind is the gatekeeper everything comes from your thoughts. 


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