Love letter

The 4th of august I will be…forever young! My mom and husband are already trying to figure out how they can surprise me. As presents books will be my ever first choice, i’m never tired of books. There’s nothing like the ritual of sitting in my favorite sofa with a huge cup of tea with milk, savouring and anticipating the emotions the book hopefully will bring. And when it does, one feels revigorate and joyful.  
 I remembered one of the best presents i received a couple of years ago and that i carry every day with me in my purse, it’s an unconditional love letter from my mom. She had this weird dream that something was going to happen to her and she wanted very much to tell us how much she both loved us my little big brother and I. In the era of internet  mails and twitter, we rarely take the time to send love or friendship letters at all which in a way it’s a pity. 
I reread my precious letter now and then with the same positive outburst of emotions and she is always present with me wherever i am in the world. 

                       BELIEVE IN YOURSELF

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