I’m on holiday! Youpiiii….kind of feel like the guy on the left…without energy but not that skinny fortunately! Arrived yesterday from Hong-Kong which is a city that i love though i’m never completely awake in Asia…despite the foot reflexology despite trying to sleep most of the day despite wandering at 3 am thoughout the ladies market which is our day back in Europe, feel free to give me any tips on “how to cop with  +8 hours and remain nice and fresh…”
I’m that lucky that my husband who is always trying to make my life easier, just found an excellent acunpunctor who is ok to have our session at my place. That’s what i call ” a good quality life”. Heading to the supermarket my fridge is empty… and blessed the guy who invented “delivery at home” that’s another big luxury to leave the trolley at the cashier and have everything at home the following day.

Kind of lazy these days… but it feels good to just relax living without schedules for a while…doing only what comes to our mind and enjoying every single minute of it.
xo have fun

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  1. Sounds lovely! I am impressed with your travel-time-changing-schedule! It would crack me in no time, and here you are going around the wold again and again…! Enjoy your calm days! 🙂

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