Love is the answer

It’s 3pm back home and…10pm here in Singapour. I’m sleepless which is rather normal one could say. I happened to see “twilight” for the first time on my way to seattle  with the fabulous vampire love story about Edward and Isabella, and now again here in Asia. I admitted that i fall in love for the characters and the movie as did the rest of the world. It countain beauty danger passion mystery authenticity and inconditional love… When one has the chance of finding our soul mate life gains a purpose a sense of balance and rightness.
Though humans  seek for that “perfect love”most of the time either they run from it or don’t agknowledge has being that “rare and precious” thing.The human mind is far too complicated but when is our time to depart LOVE will definitely be what’s on our minds.
Did we love enough?
Did we love well?
Did we give enough love?
Did we receive the love we were expecting?

                                                  LOVE is the only answer Einstein

Have a good week…have fun xo i will try to sleep now

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  1. Your work is so lovely. And your text in your posts is so personal and thought-provoking. What is it they say? Food for thought? I love your work, and wish you the best summer!

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