Man’s search for meaning

I have not been creating lately and am ok with it. I have been flying a lot, preparing my next holidays for july and just relaxing whenever i get the chance!
I have read a lot though and recommend you this powerful biography from Jim Fergus “Marie Blanche” who has written too “a thousand women” both wonderful and poignant stories. If you are into old fairy tales about “Merlin l’enchanteur” read “le lit d’aliénor” from Mireille Calmel superb too then i reread from Dr Viktor E. Frankl “Man’s search for meaning”.
A book not to be missed and to offer to the ones you like. How Dr Frankl managed to survive from a concentration camp alive and still be able to live a fullfiling life till his nineties. He created the logotherapy on the base that if we as humans find a meaning in our lives we can survive to anything. A book that makes reconsider your own life.

Have a nice week
Heading to Douala

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