Human fragility

I realize how easy it is to fly to ” the land of victims” we all do it once in a while, some more than others but eventually it feels good to be the victim “poor me”. I have just made a difficult flight, the crew were great, half of us went dancing till dawn which feels so good and then everything fell apart as one of us was robbed. She went frantic and completely out of control which in itself was rather scary. We felt completely powerless at first then our anger started to grow up as we realize that all her catastrophes
( cancer, broken teeth, death in her family….) was an invention and we felt cheated! She threaten us about suicide, that life was not worth living…i can tell you it was quite complicated to handle and the hours went on and on we were exausted so in the end we had to call for a doctor.
Now that it passed i realize how much pain and despair she must carry within her to invent so many dramatic experiences, to gain attention, to be the center of it.
She was a confident baby i am sure, what happened?
Heading to Paris
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