Loyalty over the years

I’ve come to realize how much i carry of my grandmother’s own story. It’s rather interesting to observe in our life’s what belongs to us and what doesn’t.Most of the time it skips one generation rather inconsciously and it can become a burden over the years. I have this inconscious loyalty towards my beloved Mamie that i want to let go for now. It seems easy writing it down but how will i know the interior work has been made?
When my LIFE starts to change,will answer my wise mom!!!
My homework is to write a letter about my feelings, what i want and don’t want to keep, then burn the letter and doing it till i feel that it’s ok. I’ve done it in the past for others problems that kept me from evolving and the results were awesome.
Now it seems more confusing as is for someone i deeply love and worship. You will reply me that one thing is loving someone and the other is reprove certain attitudes…correct but still i will need more than one letter! Old habits die hard… another strong belief that i have to eradicate as everything that i attract come from my thoughts and beliefs. Mamie used to tell us over and over that one has to fight, Life is hard, Life is a struggle…
Tomorrow first thing in the morning, my letter and then off to the beach..
and then thursday RIO DE JANEIRO

Le Bonheur est aussi une question de volonté

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