Good memories

i spent the whole day in my studio, creating, organizing, throwing away…i found in my old trunk my marriage photos who are still disorganized after 4 years!!! 500 hundreds photos and without lying there must be about 10 who are correct…Fortunately i had good friends who made a video which is great.My thoughts wandered, i kept thinking about a friend who is single, another one who has 6 childrens and want to be at rest just for the weekend! another one just divorced, i want to have children …as the Dalai Lama says the constant desire, the urge to have more,the not accepting and living in the present is what makes us insatisfied and unhappy.
I remember 2002 september 2 as being one of the happiest of my life, i truly felt like a princess in my beautiful sissi dress and enjoyed every minute of it. I felt this is my day ! and i dance and dance and dance…want to regain that feeling of completely freedom…This is my wish for my forties be assertive, don’t want to be manipulated anymore by friends who live in constant drama, who are vampires and drain my energy.


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