Collaborative project

I’ve send my altered book to my dear art friend Amanda who send it to? So for now is a big mystery but i know he will be cherish and treasure. I dream of being part of a collaborative project so i’m in, good for me. i’m waiting the postman impatiently did i receive any letter from the US? not today maybe tomorrow.
Jessica theme is dream. Tami is witches Jill vintage stuff…it’s really exciting but most of all it gives me a feeling of being part of… be integrated, sharing with art friends giving,paying attention and thanks to Artfest. There was truly a before and after Artfest

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  1. I know what you mean, I can't wait to get a journal in the mail. It's so exciting that the ball is rolling. Did you receive the blank pages from my book yet? I sent them out last week. Oh, and I posted images from my journal on the yahoo group!

  2. I got my first journal and can't wait to star working in it. Oh and my theme is Signs. But you can interpret that anyway you like. i think there was someone else with the dreams theme. Can't wait to get your book!

  3. Chaque fois que je regarde une "Nouvelle Oeuvre d'Art" crée par ma adorable femme, je me dit que efectivement c'est pas donnée à tout le monde…et que c'est efectivement domage que pour le moment beaucoup de personnes ne les regarde pas, mais est-ce qu'ils mériterais les voir..? Je ne le pense pas…ils n'ont pas la même sensabilité ni culture artistique que mon "bisou"…!

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