We are three in the pictures! 41 years old it’s been a long and difficult road. Sometimes it’s worth it others i just want to skip it, like we all do once in a while. Hopefully there’s still plenty to go, God knows. The forties bring an awareness that i ve search for a long time so it’s good if we could stop the wrinkles then it would be perfect…As we don’t live in a perfect world the better is to accept them with serenity and keep on smiling, at least the’ll be happy wrinkles!
It’s been a long journey and i’ve been blessed most of the time without realizing it, i have to admit! 

Blessed to be alive
Blessed to be in health
Blessed with a strong powerful mom and her inconditional love
Blessed with the admiration of a devoted father
Blessed with the love and friendship of my husband
Blessed with the trust and tenderness of a little big brother
Blessed with my delicious uncle Tio Ze Rui that i cherish so much
Blessed with my godmother Isabel who will always be there for me
Blessed with my soul mate Leo Ana who understands me so well (aren’t we alike!)
Blessed with my friend Francky with whom i can dance for 12 h in a row(he’s me in male)
Blessed with my parisian and witty friend Emanuelle who encourages me so much  
Blessed with my creative friend Carlos Miguel with whom i laugh so much
Blessed with my dear artfriends who inspire me so much Amanda, Adie, Janne, Nikki, Stephanie, Jessica, Amy, Lisa
Blessed to be able to create
Blessed to travel worlwide
Blessed to welcome new friends Alex and Bella 
Blessed to have my cat Frimousse who gives me so much tenderness

 Merci a tous 
Je compte m’amuser aujourd’hui
I will have fun today

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