I am proud to be an artist

Yesterday, friends suggested me to go the international craft fair with them. I was very enthusiastic to see what others artists come up with and with this nagging idea that maybe i could be part of the adventure for 2011…..Well let me tell you that I come back home feeling outraged by what i saw!

The first pavilion was indeed dedicated to portuguese crafters from special brands like olive oil, enbroidery, excellent and exquisite jewelry… I encountered friends from my craft and design fairs, met others artists…I was happy to see so many portuguese creativity flowing and have this sense of being “at home”. 
Then there was the second pavilion…very crowded I must say with jewelry for 2 euros made in china, pashminas made in india…sculptures from africa …. This was not a craft world.
How can an organization supposedly serious allow such discrepancy? 
Crafters, artists cannot compete with fabric made by thousands in china? It was supposed and it’s called international crafters fair.
It is without doubt international but there isn’t any handmade or creativity there, as you find the same items worlwide. I was disapointed but not the least surprised by what i saw. 

So definitely i will not have my work there. I spoke with an artist friend who told me how much she wasunfuriated by what the fair organization had allowed without warning them. One learns everyday!

I do have experienced though that it is easy to be explore. I sense that artists have a difficulty at the beguining of being self confident self aware of the value of their work, about what they bring to the society.
What would be a world without dreamers?
What would be a world without free spirits?
What would be a world without creativity?

I’m in a ongoing process of knowing too who I am as an artist and…..
IT S FUN to recognize my own value what i worth my uniqueness in this world.

So yesterday was a very profitable journey indeed! 
Ones has to be patient has quality is always the winner in the end…


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