My Mother’s cats

I made this little album for my mother with her cats that she appreciates so much.
Milord was like a dog, we had a very special relationship. Whenever he heard my car he would run to the door and welcome me, I just have to call him and…he would come, I could hold him for hours and hug him. I loved this cat so much  and missed him a lot.You can’t see in the pictures how skinny he was as he had swallow detergent and almost die.  
This one is Moumoune, 15 years old and looking like a lady. Very shy and independent, my mother is almost the only one who can hug her and the rest of the family has tried!!! without any success…
Sweetie was so cute also very independent…
Oscar still a baby so full of energy! Prevents my mom from sleeping, ruin her plants, broke 2 vases!! yes there were flowers in it…and yes he received them in his head! a snapshot would have been fun. The adventure is just beginning…more to come

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