I love Hong Kong

Wandering in Hong Kong, I found this vintage postcards and thought to myself how i would have loved to rewind time and meet fancy people dress not in jeans but in those beautiful gowns! It’s a very crowded city,  the jet lag is quite difficult for me more used to the states. There is so much to see…and to buy that’s tricky too one get’s tempted … by many useless stuff.

 Each time I fly to Hong Kong after many hours of shopping i love to stop at The Peninsula to have an afternoon tea. It’s one of my favorites spots, just to close my eyes and to be able to feel this particular atmosphere that remain in old palaces, time stands still… It’s quite awesome.

Back home, I have troubled finding sleep and therefore regaining energy to fly again to New York this time,  minus 6 hours versus plus 8 hours in Asia. I’ts always a surprise how we  humans have this extraordinary faculty to adapt to circumstances no matter difficult they can be. The strengh and resilience of our bodies and mind is remarkable.

Now after two big bowls of coffee and feeling still sleepy refraining myself to go back to bed at 1h30pm i’m pondering either i should go to the beach to gain energy from the sea or to make my taxes?
Yey….thought so i’m going to finish my night at the beach under the umbrella snoring and relaxing…taxes can wait…till tomorrow

Have a good day.

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