I am authentic

I can say without fears or presomption that TODAY I LOVE THE PERSON I AM…
During years, I compare myself, feeling that “the others” were more beautiful, clever, bright, intelligent…and that I should improve myself, get better, be like them! How weird and unfortunately how common. This feeling of not being enough is exausting and pointless because there will always be someone better…in this twisted sick point of view. 

and today after conecting with so many persons around the world i can say that being authentic is a priceless quality.
So I make a vow to myself, I want only authentic person around me because apart from being who I truly am, there’s nothing more precious than be surrounded by true persons full of love, joy, compassion, happiness, generosity, tenderness…

It’s okay to show one’s vulnerability
It’s okay to be spontaneous
It’s okay to laugh out loud
It’s okay to say i don’t know
It’s okay to be humble
It’s okay to be simple
It’s okay to be different

So after postponing for too many years I am about to make drastic changes in my Life. My time is valuable , i will not accept from now on any more vampires around me.Life is definitely too short to waste one’s time. I want my true friends near me and off with the parasites who will never be happy, never! It’s one’s responsability how we choose to live not “others” faults but that’s one of the most difficult thing to grasp, we are the masters of our lives. I took this two vintage portraits from the blog of my american artfriend Catherine Mitchell, she got plenty of images that one can load, www.mudbayimages.blogspot.com/ Be aware of vampires they are everywhere! My holidays are over back to work. xo

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  1. you are so very authentic, dear alex! you light up a room with WHO YOU ARE!! beautiful, beautiful you!! and i am so honored to be able to call you my friend!!

    it takes great courage to do what you are saying…to cut off those who take and take…but speaking from experience, the relief and the peace are soooo worth it!!

    love and miss you so, dear art sister!


  2. You know, you are so right… being authentic is most important, and life is too short to allow others to drain the life and energy from you. So happy to hear that you are being strong for yourself and Your journey – you are a beautiful person and have much to contribute to the world! Cutting unhealthy ties is never easy, whether it's people or anything else that doesn't feed our spirits or bodies in a healthy way. Congratulations to you for making these decisions and moving forward with your own authentic, fabulous life!

    The journal cover you made is lovely, and the words on it are beautiful, too!

    (Thank you so much for the link to my images blog – glad you're enjoying the pictures!)

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