Is it true?

Is it true? At least i want to believe it is. Just got out of my therapy pretty shaked, feeling rather insecure on what the future holds for me. Yesterday, i told a dear friend who is quite vulnerable too, how much i was tired (we all were) of her constants breakdowns, grief, anger, self centerdness…when i was talking i felt pretty sure that “i was right” she MUST do something about it, she’s drowning and will certainly take us with her if we let her! Then today i realize during the session, how difficult it is to change from our old patterns, one will do everything most of the times to prevent the unbereable suffering, to hide ourself within anger, despair, bitterness…
I do feel however that we need to be shaken from time to time, though it would be easier to just stay very still and listen the constants rumblings but is it true friendship not trying to help?
Everyone has his own Life with his own timing, to know when to help and when to withdraw requires a skill that i haven’t mastered yet!

I have to follow my own path 
I want to follow my own path
I need to follow my own path

Will I have the courage to confront loneliness?
Will I have the guts to stand still?
Will I have the strengh?
Will I have the profound desire to choose LIFE towards death?

The only true that i know is that change comes from us and us only…
May God help me and those who are in need…
Que ta volonté soit faite Seigneur

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  1. What a beautiful, heart-felt post. I know what you did, confronting your friend, was very difficult. Growth and change can be painful, but you did the right thing – for yourself and for your friend.

    Your wise words, "Will I have the courage to confront loneliness?" That is so hard, isn't it? But we know that sometimes being in a crowd, especially when we are not in our hearts a part of that crowd, can be the loneliest place of all… even more lonely than standing alone.

    Wishing you peace and strength and a renewed vision to your own path…

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