Time to make an amend

Monday morning…another fresh week ahead and I am in a bad mood…My appointment to the “pain killer” is a 4pm, I feel dizzy and it seems that my energy was all taken from me. Know the feeling? When there is so much to do and the body is on strike…just washing myself seems a terrible ordeal. 
I had a terrible argument with a close friend friday night and saturday i was ill, i believe there’s a connection as the mind-body work together. 
She’s about to date a much younger man and in asking her what would her entourage think about it, our mutual comunication come to a stop. 
I understood that what’s IN is to date much younger man which is not my case as my husband…is older! That we would all envy her of course being both strong head and sometimes stubborn it went crescendo…Sorry for the neighboors.

It was very interesting afterwards to talk about it as we didn’t stay in our benches we made a move towards each other (that’s the good thing of ageing) and we dissecate what went wrong in the comunication. She understood that i was judging her and that something was wrong with her in the age difference. Was I? I consider myself a very open person, being non-judgemental is one of my main qualities. Yet, with insight i realize that if she sense it then i must have judge her…oups! Time to make an amend.We have our own stories to live with diferent scenarios and that’s ok. We tend to constantly compare and that is very tiresome i must say. I don’t run out of a discussion, things are to be said but as i lack diplomacy i should follow my grandmother advise “ne parler qu à bon escient” or be more tactful, ask an elephant to behave in a crystal shop. See complicated the best is to avoid crystal shops…not easy sometimes we just bump into them. 
What we want to say and what the other understands, there’s sometimes an ocean in between.
It was not zen week-end but a profitable one as i make one more little step towards good comunication and tolerance. My brother is completely in love with an older woman and that’s ok. LOVE is what matters in the end

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  1. Ah, but if we avoided the crystal shops, we wouldn't experience the beauty of the crystal there 🙂
    You are so right… there is often an ocean between words we say and what the other person interprets those words to be. Wonderful that you and your friend were able to talk about your misunderstanding and lessen the distance of that ocean.

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