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Some gathered voices on taking one of Alex's courses or workshops!

Im so delighted and inspired by your lessons and techniques. Love this class and the big concept of LOST + FOUND TREASURES. You are a most excellent teacher.


I have learned so much with this course (and will never look at a rusty item quite the same) A big thank you to you Alex for stretching my imagination and teach me the art of mixed media. I have thoroughly enjoyed it.


Im not new with Art Journals and know a lot of technics but your course is really an enrichment to me and for my work. New for me is the resin paper and dying with black beans. Your course is awesome. Also the assemblage ideas are so great.Thanks Alex so much for this wonderful and generous course for us.


My four treasures in honor of my beloved ones. Alexs workshop opened up a whole new world for me and gave me a chance to deal with my grief. THANK YOU dear Alex. From the bottom of my heart.


I think your workshop is amazing. Your theme of using memorabilia from our family members is brilliant.


This is the first project that had me completely focused on the process. I get to escape. What I love about it is the richness and meaning behind the content.Im completely absorbed in the organic feel of the materials. LOVE IT! Ill be looking forward to your next class.


The Keeper of Memories book with the most inspiring teacher Alex Castro Ferreira continues with more images of my ancestors. And what a journey it is! This one includes a small tribute to Alex as a way of showing acknowledgment and appreciation for this amazing journey. We have all enjoyed and have been somewhat affect by the emotions it has stirred. Thank you so much Alex


This has been a journey for sure, I cried watching your course videos as I knew I would take the journey too. So many moments were stuck in time for me with someone elses thoughts attached. I pulled the photos I have left all out and dusted them off and worked through it. This course is such a gift of healing.