New Cat…Frimousse

One of the good and unexpected gifts i received for my birthday…is this sweet 2 months baby cat,we called him Frimousse, sweet tender face in french.It means the world to me!
i grow up as my husband did with dogs around, i used to sleep, eat with my beloved dog Pimba, told him my dreams, my griefs and he listened always…patiently. whenever i opened the door he came running to me, best friend for the lonely little girl that i was, my brother being more an outsider (tenis, football boys stuff…)
i truly believe that an animal rest our soul, energize us.
So there’s this sweet baby cat , Frimousse we should called him “glue” as he’s always by our side, a dog-cat actually and of course we love it. My husband who is constantly surprising me, didn’t want the cat as i travel so much and he would have to take care of him! bla bla bla…now first thing Luis does when arriving home is” where is my favorite cat?”pussy pussy… buy him special food…and so on. Indeed my husband is one of the few persons that over the years has made so many inspirational changes and i admire him deeply. it takes a lot of guts and one amongst others qualities he possess is NOT CARING FOR WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF HIM… he doesn’t take anything for granted, evolving, growing.
My husband is a truly genuine person and that’s unfortunately so rare nowadays. His friends can count on him, he will stick to them no matter what, supporting helping others.
Tomorrow heading to the beach…get inspired and back to the studio to work
Thanks my FRIENDS for all your caring messages for my 40…. Good to be loved and cherished(esta Stephane é para ti! )

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  1. Alguém um dia disse…"Amar-se não é olhar um para o outro, mas olhar juntos na mesma direçcão"…peço desculpa se não foi a melhor tradução do francês…,mas o que importa é que dá para perceber.
    De facto foi uma das muitas coisas que aprendi com o "meu bisou",e ainda não agradeci o suficiente a Deus pelo facto de a ter encontrado…!
    Sinto que relativamente aos trabalhos realizados não é necessário fazer qualquer tipo de comentários, pois estes
    falam por si próprios, tal a beleza transmitida pelos mesmos…
    São de facto extraordinários,cada um com a sua diferente mensagem…I LOVE IT…

  2. je trouve tes travaux vraiment dignes d'une artiste et tu peux être fière de ton parcours. Je ne connais pas une seule personne qui n'aime pas ton travail on ne peut pas en dire autant de Picasso que beaucoup (dont moi) considèrent comme un barbouilleur. Tu iras loin très loin donc nez au vent et scrap en tête. Bisous Maman

  3. Non, ma Fille tu es plus importante que tous ces gens à qui tu donnes trop d'importance. Ta fête était réussie et tu es aimée par les gens réellement important de ta vie. Tu es the "best One" "the special One. Je t'aime yoi et ton frère plus que tout au monde. Vive Nous

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