Where is my love?

I miss my husband! He’s away for a week doing a raisin cure. Eating only raisin is a wonderful way to detoxinate your body every year but it take’s nonetheless courage which Luis has plenty of. He’s one of those special man with an enormous  heart. His friends know how reliable and generous he is. I know that my love is always present available caring tender protective towards me. I miss him… I want it back home… It feels strange to be at home without him as usually i’m the one packing! His smell is everywhere, his strong presence, his love for me in the notes that i keep by my bedtable… Tell your love how much you love him the way he combs his hair the way he smiles his way of dancing his favorite food what make him laugh Have a good week Xo

On self esteem

 The school is about to begin…time to go back to my studio again. I had a whole and full summer with plenty of emotions(not all positive…) but that’s part of the bargain. We know there’s a path but are we on the good one? When we feel whole i guess it means something is working for us. I could say that my inner voice tells me to withdraw, to settle a little, to look inside myself and start working again on my self esteem.  What about you? In a scale one to one hundred where do you place your self esteem? When i m working and starting new projects i feel always very enthusiastic then i doubt…am i repeating myself? What do i want to say? How can i be more creative? bla bla…  on and on which is very confusing for those around me who look at my art  and really appreciate it. But then again are they just being nice? So the solution always comes from within because somewhere in the road i got lost again and i …

Missing my studio

My mother gave me this wise advice, why don’t you write in a notepad every day before sleeping all the blessings of the day? So I did. I’am truly blessed for beeing alive,in good health, to fly to Miami with this wonderful crew, to have wi fi and my Mac in my bedroom so I can stay in touch with my world, thanks to Somerset who send me my favourites magazines to the hotel, thanks…. thanks I tend to forget but my mom always put me in the right track which is another blessing! Tend to be worried will I have time to create and stay with family and friends and……..everything has a purpose my goal is really to let go…Let the universe, God or whatever you want to call it do his job and trying not to control(more accurate to say the illusion of controling) Tomorrow I’ll be back in my studio where I feel so protected and therefore HAPPY Enjoy…create share

Ana em plena criatividade

Ana em plena criatividade, é minha fan numero 1! Desde pequena que cria, recicla, transforma…por isso foi a minha escolha óbvia para estrear o meu workshop das casinhas. Divirtiu-se rimos bastante partilhàmos experiências…3h passa bem rápido Obrigado Ana pelo seu entusiasmo… Enjoy Create…Be happy Life is short