A man in love

this altered book was sold to man who is an art collectionner. I was so proud that he even took the time to consider buying my work. Again i always add elements of my private story in all my work here there s my father name Antonio the crochet was from my grandma. There are always so many layers i know that the owner add his own elements within the book. Life is good and sometimes isn t. I read a very special post today that really touches me a beautiful girl open her heart about how much she struggles with anxiety in a daily basis and for what seems to her forever. We believe our thoughts and we suffer. I didn t even know that i could question my thoughts. The work of @byron.katie truly had a major impact on my daily life all thoughts… i am not good enough i don t belong something is wrong with me blablabla….. is a real suffering until we put them on paper and question them… with the thought I suffer without I don t LIFE IS GOOD