A dream come true

I had this huge dream for years to go to the lost city of the Incas: Macchu Picchu. I yearn for it, some go to Fatima others to Lourdes for me Peru had something that i had to do…sensing that this incredible and magical place possess something unique. And it sure does!  I have been in beautiful places around the world but Machu Picchu is a journey in itself. My husband by coincidence(if such exists…) had the same dream so there we went on our own personal pilgrimage. We wake up at 4am took the bus to be among the first to enter and contemplate the sunrise.  Wow! it was worth every penny of it! we were that lucky to be there the 7th of july exactly 100 years after the american Hiram Bigham discovered this sanctuary in the middle of the clouds. I was speechless and still feel the incredible energy of the place. We have experienced something unique and the results are yet to be seen… If you have the chance go to Machu Picchu it will be …

Beautiful Nest

Look what my husband found this week-end in the woods…it’s the most beautiful and touching gift I received in ages. I have this thing about nest surely in a psychological nevel there’s a meaning…not very difficult to guess as I long to be a mother Decided to put them aside 2 little sculptures I’ve made and are very found of. Voilà!!! I am rereading “one more step can change your life, the kaizen way” from Robert Maurer. This small book as truly changed my husband’s life there’s a before and after! Each step at a time one is evolving and the path seems easier. Love it Ok back to work in my studio, there’s one nest left and I’ve got a project where he will be perfect. Enjoy create… share be Happy