Sleepless night in Seoul

It’s 2am here in Seoul 17h in Lisbon needless to say that i cannot sleep so what is there to do in the middle of the night in an unknown city? Reading Surfing in the net Listening to my favorite  french radio FIP Eat chineses noodlles Trying to sleep… Waiting for 6am sharp for the breakfast Check also the site buy the book it’s worth it! Reading a little more… Trying to sleep nan….. Meditating! Definitely not seeing the news on CNN as is the fast way to get depressed I should have bring some chocolates… Have a good week-end HAVE FUN XO

Are you open?

Just finished two extraordinaries books “The Help” Kathryn Stockett and “Shanghai girls” Lisa See. Both about discrimination and injustice and how women fight back, never giving up their dreams and their ability to give no matter what. We are transported back in the sixties, Mississipi, how black women cooked, cleaned and raised little white children and have their own private toilets because of the diseases they might carry for example or others discriminations each one worse than the others. “Shanghai girls” is the beautiful story of two sisters back in the sixties too, who after their father lost his fortune were sold and went living in chinatown Los Angeles and couldn’t get out of it no matter what. I am fortunate to have been raised by a french mother and a portuguese father both open to the world. I remember the parties in our house where my father was at the time responsible for black and arab countries. I remember mom wearing the traditional boubou offered to her by the Senegal’s ambassador. I knew from childhood that we are equals …

Anos da Jeanete

Foi uma festa lindíssima, vieram os amigos de uma vida.Não pude estar presente, tive muita pena mas lembrei-me de criar este album com as gavetas como prenda para a aniversariante.È complicado ofereçer uma prenda quando se jà tem tudo(mais um creme? um perfume?…)prefiro hoge em dia realizar um “scrap”.Como a filha Tisha estava a preparar tambem uma sessão de fotos, foi complicado conseguir as fotos mas lá consegui em 2 dias (com algum strechch)!!! porque ofereçer depois da festa de anos perde a graça. Sei que a Jeanete adorou, que bom……..foi feito com muita amizade e carinho.Tenho muita admiração pela mulher do meu sogro, pela sua força, coragem e positivismo perante as dificuldades da vida. è sem dúvida uma mulher de armas, cheia de vida e de alegria  parabéns jeanete obrigado pela sua amizade Enjoy, create… be happy Life is short