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Spring necklaces

HOPE YOU LIKE THEM… I DO MAKE THEM YOURS…                                                                       HAVE A GOOD WEEK Be blessed Check this instructive blog who gives you all the tools about how to improve your intuition  Psychotherapist Sylviane JUNG xo xo xo

Online shop…Etsy

Eureka! I have open my Etsy shop come and visit me… I choose the banner above for my shop so i’ll know my grandmother and mother will keep an eye on me and will certainly show me the way with their inner intuition and wisdom. Hope you’ll like it. My first choice  is the  Once upon a time album who is very unique and special. I want to thank  my artfriend Catherine Whalen Mitchel who deeply encouraged me to go for it! I know i have a true connection with the United States and my artfriends. A new adventure begins…I am very enthusiastic about it. Wish me luck Have a good week Xo

Christmas presents

This is for you  Feira “Craft and Design” 4/5 and 11/12 december   jardim da estrela Come and enjoy          Looking back L’avenir Dream big

Beautiful Nest

Look what my husband found this week-end in the woods…it’s the most beautiful and touching gift I received in ages. I have this thing about nest surely in a psychological nevel there’s a meaning…not very difficult to guess as I long to be a mother Decided to put them aside 2 little sculptures I’ve made and are very found of. Voilà!!! I am rereading “one more step can change your life, the kaizen way” from Robert Maurer. This small book as truly changed my husband’s life there’s a before and after! Each step at a time one is evolving and the path seems easier. Love it Ok back to work in my studio, there’s one nest left and I’ve got a project where he will be perfect. Enjoy create… share be Happy