Bon anniversaire Maman…

A friend told me recently that all the girls think their mom are beautiful! My mom is beautiful inside in and out. She sparkles when she enters a room, carrying her luminous energy, her incredible charm and charism. I have always profoundly admire my Mom for her beauty of course but most of all for her strengh, outstanding intuition( she knows it all…….) her wits, her culture, her “savoir vivre and savoir faire”.

One doesn’t forget Sylvianne Jung…she’s quite a character!
she’s fun
she’s happy no matter what
She has fought many battles in her life never gave up
she’s a natural leader
She acts every day trying in her own way to make a better world, in helping others via therapy so they can feel happy and accomplished or with her day care with elderly people.
My mom is always there for us and for others. People do love her for her incredible energy and utmost strengh.
I am truly blessed as she’s my best friend, my confidant, my support, to be able to rely on her, to know that i can trust her no matter what, she’s has and always be there for me as i am for her.
One of my deepest regrets over the years was that we are not alike……at all physically we don’t look like mom and daughter! I remember when trying to find my perfect wedding dress that the ladies used to tell me: how nice of you to come along with your mother in law!
I remember too how it would have been great to have my little Sacha that resembles her grandmother!
So over the years my mother is like a good french Bordeaux wine, she’s becoming more and more luminous and compassionate and tender and………..
Je t’aime schoune
Je suis fière d être ta fille

Today is Adriana birthday too a very dear friend, mother of 6, who has this incredible intuition too. Wish you all the best as she’s going through rough times but she’s got the ability and the strengh to come over it.


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