A wish little house

I made this wish house for a 11 years old boy that i m very found of. He’s very creative and has a wild imagination, i sincerely hope that he cherish my little wish house. There’s a box for him to write down his secret desires and i told him he should keep them for himself! He loves the idea…… let’s see what happens!!!!!
Today i get up very early at 6 am…wow and spend my day in my studio. The morning was quite frustrating, i started some cover books but was stuck in the process of “now what i’m going to tell inside the book? Very unnerving, in the middle my cat frimousse was very excited too (guess whose fault!) and my coffee machine that i absolutely love and brought from Paris, as they don’t sell this branch here in Portugal just broke!!!! grrrrr relax breathe in breathe out… there’s still my favorite tea with plenty of milk and sweetener. 
My mom and her overwhelming generosity brought me some “fromage blanc” so i could create!!!!!!!!!!! and gave me the idea of what i could put inside my books; old postcards from Portugal. So that was it, my good mood came again like the tide i was flying again.
Wish reminds me that it happens a lot when we are supposedly stuck that’s when we are about to move on a little forward.
So i’m tired but fully satisfied. it’s been a rewarding day.


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