Feira Craft and Design april 2010

The market was quite a success. The sun was shining,i had a beautiful spot, people were happy and smiling… A perfect week-end! Though it’s quite tiring i love being there all day, just chatting around, getting my work to the world! I haven’t fully recovered from Port Townsend this year maybe it’s my protein diet plus the jet lag plus the forties?Maybe i should slow down a little but…there’s so much one wants to do. I think the omega 3 it’s a marketing product! it doesn’t work on me neither the spiruline! Maybe i should try to get more sleep…
I had plenty of friends who come by, meet a bunch of new ones which i love even if it’s always unsettling for me i’m the type who could live in the middle of the forest with my husband and cat. Get the pictures! but i’m improving there again that’s what ageing does to a person i can say that i’m a far better person today than back in my thirties. More tolerant, understanding, patient, loving, caring…I have been learning, wisely the lessons that God send me. I’ve got a new workshop next sunday and there again i walk out of my safe zone trying new things, opening to the world and his judgement. I’m reading again and just beguining the 12 weeks program of Julia Cameron “the artist’s way, a spiritual path to higher creativity”.
Yesterday i met an artist who is turning a medieval movie here in Portugal who ask me “where does your inpiration come from” wow! that’s a damn good question. Julia Cameron says that it come mostly from pain? does it? My obsession one could say for nest are an easy one but unless you know me it doesn’t show on my art which i like as for me the goal is to inspire people not to sadden them. Life itself is more than enough for that.
So today i m happy , unsecure as there are too many projects going on and my mental loves to control as you all know by know that’s why “The artist’s way” comes in good time.There were yesterday this beautiful young teenager who is studying art, and told me how difficult it can be as teacher are sometimes so cruel they just cut your wings… in purpose or inconsciously but the harm is done, i replied to her there will always be “a cruel teacher” criticising, judging us most of the time is within us so one has to be aware! Being an artist is not an easy path but it’s such a blessing and rewarding Life. Listen to your inner voice.


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