Feeling good

After 3 years of laziness …I just started gym again in full turbo! Wow it really feels good one always think how come if it feels so good have you stopped? Lack of self discipline, others things to do that felt more important at the time bla bla…..excuses that i fail to understand as after a good hour of exercising one feels energize clean from within. I have so many questions and so few answers …but Life is an ongoing process right?
So after a relaxed summer back to the studio to create and that to feels good.
As children are about to begin school here in Europe there’s always a time for me to rethink my life and goals for the year ahead. 
I do have plenty of projects still little time to realize them but that’s one of my main goals for 2011 TAKE THE TIME TO DO WHAT’S BEST FOR ME without feeling guilty or selfish… As by now I integrate that the lack of afirmation brings in the end conflict with the ones I love most, so let’s take the problem at roots and learn definitely to say NO I’M NOT IN THE MOOD, I HAVE OTHERS PLANS…
Ring a bell? I sense is more a woman problem than male, as we tend to be in a constant flow of giving. Aren’t we all from Venus? 
Going to take a nap that feels good too….


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