Portugal Treasure album

  • My little brother gave me this exciting idea about a making a portuguese album… I love everything that is old, i just took old vintage portuguese postcards, made two drawers, inside them  write down what is portugal to me, like Mosteiro dos jerónimos, Fado, Alfama, Torre de Belém, Dom Afonso Henriques, pastéis de nata…  a very small notebook with a portuguese traditional old boat, add a knitting made by my mother with a necklace “remember”and Voilà! 
  • I love it …
  • I call it treasure album, as it will (i hope) always be a reminder for the lucky buyer how Portugal is a beautiful country, rich of his past and positive about his future. We are a land of imigrants, of travelers, of seekers, of courageous man and women. Our past is a magnificent one, we are proud of who we are and of whom we became.
I love being portuguese (and french too that’s another album!!!) I know where my past lies through my father, i can trace my family back to the 17th century, so my roots and my sense of belonging is very strong and that gives me an inner strengh to go worlwide  with an open and curious mind .

I’m still learning how my Mac works so i’ve messed out my banner, don’t know how to do it correctly. Fortunately there’s Mac sos in Lisbon! So i’m not happy with my new banner as the size is not correct but for the moment it will do as i’m heading to Paris….to work, Charles de Gaulle as reopened  so my forced “holidays” have come to an end which i’m happy as the cost for all airlines is dramatically high.
So next week i will learn how to have “the banner” i want. 
In the meantime i continue to exercice my three pages for those who have read Julia Cameron’s book ” the artistic way”, is very challenging but i trust the outcome to be a good one!


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