a three dog life

It’s one in the morning, I can’t sleep, I bought this book a three dog life” by Abigail Thomas and it made me think…

The story is about her husband that  was hit by a car and suffered severe brain damaged…He had no memory of what he did the day and the year before and how she struggles with her new life.
 Powerful book. 
My husband was ill too a few years back and I remember exactly what I was doing and where I was. I remember mostly the panic and the fear; being completely powerless. She says several times that after all those years after her husband accident, she still doesn’t accept it.  
How can we accept the inacceptable? How do we find the strength to move on? She says that she discovers a new passion for the outsider art, she just keep moving day after day. I know that if my husband doesn’t for a reason answer the phone quickly I imagine the worst. I don’t take LIFE for granted anymore…but there are always new dramas ahead to be resolve. For instance, my husband’s children come within 3 days, my position will always be a difficult one. Thank’s God they have a mother and a father who happens, not to be me unfortunately. So where do I stand? They will never love me no matter what I do or don’t as I’d like. Which is normal of course but as I want children on my own and they don’t seem to come and maybe never will WHAT DO I DO with my husband’s children? I’m not family nor a friend…I’m daddy’s new wife(for 7 years now, but still grrrr!!! ) I know that they can’t without feeling that their betraying their mom beeing really found of me. I understand a lot but still LIFE is challenging … Ahead of that I’m thrilled  have a lot of new projects on my mind. Since I’ve bought the “altered book” by Bev Brazelton, 5 years ago  that I long to make a collaborative project or a round robin as you call it and Artfest made it possible. Let’s do it! 

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