Happy Day…

I wake up this morning full of energy and feeling very creative. The collaborative project “artfest 09 sisterhood” is on…Let’s do it!!! I was telling one of my friends one of the things i like the most about art friends is the energy, the empathy…no criticicism, no gossip everything is cool easy. We love to gather, have fun, share, laugh a lot…no matter the distance. I’m very impatient now to receive one of yours books.Who’s first? What will be the theme?
One of my dearest friend, who is 84 years old and is a painter once told me that the best gift one can have is to create.I was skeptic but now sees how right she is. When her husband died after 55 years of marriage what sustain her was her creativity, she keeps remind me that; don’t you ever forget to create!
I spent the day with my mother, who’s a very creative lady too and is very excited…about preparing my 40th birthday. She cooks like “a chef” and has made numerous menu list…It was supposed to be a surprise but i understood that something was happening between her and my husband!!!!!!!! still it ‘s going to be FUN 40 wow!!! it comes fast doesn’t it?


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  1. Feliz cumpleaños mi dulce arte hermana! Estoy muy honrado de ser parte de este proyecto con usted. "Sisterhood" No puedo imaginar un tema más perfecta.

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