New homemade agenda…

Just arrive from New-York, which is one of my favorite town in the Us along with San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. I made this new agenda a few days before leaving who happens to be very heavy as usual…I can’t travel light I told you!

Found this bookstore “The Strand” in broadway and bought a few leather books for 6 usd! I’ll return there in june with an empty suitcase…
Those are just the 5  pictures from my agenda that I can download in blogspot as I haven’t figure out how to do it otherwise?
As long as I can remember I always loved homemade agendas. Carry with me the photos of my beloved ones, little notes, tickets…making huge lists of what to do today, tomorrow… in 6 months …my projects, goals thoughts…girl stuff! But I realize that writing down is a good way for me to stay focused and structured. I haven’t found a way, yet, to prevent my swing moods. Took the omega3, ginseng etc… nothing seems to work there are always a time in the month where I feel near to zero. I know it happens too with my female friends but still don’t accept it 

very well as I would like a blue sky with some clouds once in a while instead of that tornado .
My husband who knows me by heart tends to run away or laugh!
Rereading again the powerful book by Colin Tipping “radical forgiveness” that I believe can truly change a person’s life.
Tomorrow is a studio day and the day after tomorrow…if God allows it.

Enjoy create…have FUN

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