Work in progress…

My cat Frimousse or “mousse a pala” as a close friend calls him seems to like my new albums!
The covers are most of the times what inspires me first then i add the inside pages.
The typing letters above “AMO” mean  I LOVE in portuguese.
I struggle every day with my need of independency and my need of being in couple. I find it hard sometimes to be there…present and available. I find it hard to deal with his problems mine others…
My life as certainly yours is composed of beautiful sunshine days and of heavy storms…not to say wild tornados! How to cope with it? Drink a caipirinha…fly away…meditate? For now i will choose meditation it’s safer!
Have a good week
PS: I’m reading a very intimate book from Daniel Meurois Givaudan (check out his website called “le testament des trois Marie “. The legend said that Marie Salomé, Marie- Jacobée and Marie- Madalena were Jesus closest disciples. Many years has passed since the exil, they met again in Camargue at “Saintes-Marie-de-la-mer and open up their hearts for us and relate those unique moments spent with Jesus. I read most of Meurois Givaudan books over the years, was fortunate enough to meet him in a  flight between Paris and Geneva to confirm that indeed he possess a special light.
Hope you like it

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  1. Parece um " déjà…lu " mas…, cada nova obra de Arte que por ti é criada, só dá vontade de dizer uma coisa…: NÃO PÁRES !!! FABULOSOS TRABALHOS…
    minha " Sumaq". Moi aussi !!!

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