What can you bring to the world?

Blogging turned out to be very stressful lately! I started with a free spirit, enjoying the ride and  hoping of course to be read by others fans of mixed media. My mom as been doing a blogger pro course and started two blogs, sos-stress.com and lescheminsdelintuition.com and kindly started to explain me how it all works….because blogging is an art in itself and out of a sudden i lost interest. I’m not using key words or podcasts or tutorials because it takes a considerably amount of time to learn how it combines and to tell you the truth it’s boring! I love searching at dawn in flea markets “the object” and bring it back to the studio where he will join others objects still full of dust! But…there’s always a but isnt’it? I do want my blog to have success which means being followed and read so ultimately i have to take time to understand how it works. My mom told me who cares about your life? People want to learn new techniques, discover new things…What can you bring to the world? Wow! My mom is a specialist she’s a top psychotherapist she knows it all. What can i bring to the world? Is there others girls like me who have an alimentar job, who have a dream but still no guts to live out of it, who struggle not to drown between the day to day life, the grocery store, the kids(if you have them…i have a cat! ) oh!!!! i forgot being always good humored available for your friends sexy for your husband! Okay we are millions outhere… This year who is about to end (thanks God) is being very challenging i dare say a bit too challenging…for my taste because i fail to have the awnsers yet! Last night i hear Deepak Chopra in the tv questioning the audience:
 Are you happy?
 Who are you? 
What is your purpose in life?
 Do you feel blessed? 

Hope you like my new necklaces?
They have a story these pocket watches…bought them in Chor Bazaar, Mumbai, India.
Will tell you in the next post!
Happy thanksgiving to my heart friends across the atlantic

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