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I realized over the months that i’m struggling to keep up with my blog. I feel that i have lost my voice and have turn it into something politically correct! The true is that i am not a full time artist, dreams to be though, but in the meantime my life consists mainly in traveling around the world. In a month, I fly to 3 countries like Shanghai, Rio de Janeiro and Bangkok, multiply by 11 months plus the holidays it sounds crazy how i can still find energy to create something in my studio! The truth is that i am pretty exausted and can only imagine my friends who have kids because they cannot rest at all.
So my blog till now wanted to related more about my art than the rest of my life and that’s where the problems arise! I am a working girl who dreams to become an artists! Like thousands of girls outhere who struggled to keep up with a passion despite the lack of time.
So from now on i will post about my whole Life! Because i only spent 1/4 of my time in my studio.
I have just arrived from Bangkok and cannot tell you how mad i am about the medias. One as to be aware about their lack of credibility. Downtown Bangkok was completely safe. So there were no need for tourists to cancel holidays, the streets were empty, sales up to 80% in the malls… the flood was indeed impressive when approaching by air but it was in the suburbs. Journalists are interested only in the sensational and they don’t care about the consequences among the population. I took a thai cooking workshop in the famous restaurant “Blue elephant”. Check their website, they have 12 restaurants from Paris to Dubai. Unique! A 10/10.
Have a good week end

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  1. I am thrilled to get a greater glimpse into your life. Art comes from the whole of our experiences. It is so difficult just to reveal a part of our lives when everything is intertwined.

    Have you heard that 2012 will be the last Artfest? So wishing you could be there, but I know that your trip with your husband is much more important. I just miss your face.

  2. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

    Wow, you work here is wonderful, those journals are amazing! Can't wait to scroll down and see more! Love your blog!


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