Had I arrived 15 days earlier and I would have probably seen…George at la nostra de Venezia! Instead I get to see beautiful Italians who possess an unique and astounding charm. The italian men show you by whistling, singing, saying out loud how “belissima” you are and…it feels good! My advice is that  any woman after a rough experience with men  should go to Venice because her self esteem rises up pretty fast. One feels awesome and gorgeous in this magic city. Beauty is everywhere.

The only but…that cannot be neglected is the excessive price of everything! Feel free to share the taxi boat  on your way to Venice with other tourists like we did or when sightseeing in the grand canal for example. Be aware that most of the mask are made in china and the shop owner is chinese!

My husband Luis fulfilled one of my mom’s secret dream that was staying at the Danieli. She was like a kid, savouring each moment of this timeless luxury hotel. The breakfast with a top view over the grand canal is incredible and we did feel in heaven! The palazzo was built back in the XIV century and belong to several venetians family like the Dandolo or  the Gritti and they all highly preserve it splendor. Dal Niel bought it in 1822 and transform it in the hotel known since then by his nickname DANIELI as he was known in Venice. The most romantic room being number 10 where Alfred de Musset et Georges Sand lived their love story back in 1833.
Hope you enjoy the photos
I enjoy taking them
Have a good week end

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