Life is good…

It’s 7h30 in the morning and i’m already wake up…thanks to my special teacher katie Kendrick! I’m completely addict to her faces having a notebook with me all the time and practicing practicing… She’s a wonderful creative inspiring teacher giving us a tons of tecnhiques with an open heart that i don’t get to see often. I was out of my comfort zone and still am but it’s like she granted us with a green light…go girls unleash your creativity. I would love to add to my albums painting as well. I’m really into the mixed media gathering in one piece all sorts of techniques and materials. Above for example I sewed into an old paper a coco leave that i brought from Brazil… This album is on progress…let’s see what comes out of it. I am always wondering when looking at old pictures where they happy? This woman, did she loved the man she married? Was he caring devoted to her?What were her dreams? Her vision of the world? Was she an open minded? Did she give enough? I don’t know for you but i have always mixed feelings not to say guilty when spending time doing something that i love the most. It must be among other things for the fact that i don’t have kids as God didn’t granted me that part so there’s always this nagging feeling…am I being selfish?My beloved husband goes every saturday visit a young man who is in prison, bringing him newspapers, self help books and a positive attitude towards life. Luis knows how to connect, interact and touched others heart. That’s a blessing!
Have a good week end

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